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About Gustavo Marin

As a United States Patent Agent, I know how to address your intellectual property needs with a rare balance of technical expertise, business understanding, and legal proficiency by leveraging your technology to turn your ideas into assets. Since 1994, I have been involved in every type of technology challenge and solution there is, whether it was in my role as a software developer, product manager, business development manager, technology strategist, and now, as a patent agent. This means that you will benefit from my experience. With my intellectual property workshops and patent application preparation & prosecution services, you'll receive the best programs and services tailored to suit your specific patent requirements. Lock down your intellectual property before someone beats you to the patent office.

My primary areas of technology: Cloud Computing; Saas; PaaS, Contact Center; Mobile Computing; Location-based Services; Big Data; Social Networking; IP Communications; VoIP; SIP; Satellite Imaging; Virtual Assistants.

Technology Areas

I have worked on a number of patent projects including patent preparation and prosecution in the following technology areas:

Big Data

Cloud Computing, SaaS, PaaS, and Mobile Computing

Telecommunications, Contact Center, CRM, Call Recording


Satellite Image Mining and Location-based Services

Unified Communication


Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best and brightest minds in technology.

Marissa Toepler

Gartner SMB Account Executive

Gustavo uses Gartner more effectively and strategically than anyone I've worked with. He has built a team of trusted Account Executives and Analysts and now works with us as an extension of his team. He has even been so kind to act as a client reference, reviewing best practices of getting your ROI, for those considering services.

Gustavo brings his ideas to the table with an open-mind, looking for validation and ready for feedback. I can always count on great communication and clear expectations from Gustavo. He is an incredible partner!

Colin McAllister

Mgt Consultant, Exec Coach & Serial Startup Entrepreneur - empowering individuals and orgs to acheive impossible futures

I had the pleasure of partnering with Gustavo during the design of a global healthcare software suite and business offering. His depth of understanding as it relates to communication from both a literal and technical perspective was astounding. He was able to quickly interpret the value proposition we were passing to our user base and to immediately mentally bridge the business technology gap. From here he demonstrated areas where we could further enhance the platform through thought provoking communication strategies that leveraged technology to satisfy unmet customer need. His insights were priceless in this business endeavor. If you are wondering how you can expand or streamline your business capabilities through advanced communication strategies including social media then I highly recommend you contact Mr. Garcia for a consult.

Brian Galvin

Patent Agent—From Intention to Invention™—IP Strategist, Inventor

Gustavo is a very talented technology entrepreneur. He has successfully shepherded several key technologies from incubation to market launch. One of that rare breed who can speak, think and act on a high level -- at the same time -- he has managed key client-facing programs, conceived of and championed new ideas (including several patents), and been an acclaimed speaker at industry events.

Russell Monsurate


"Gustavo Garcia is a great orator and a very effective seminar host!

He taught us some very powerful tools that we could use to quadruple our business. You must attend his next seminar. It's a must.

You will definitely walk away with some very valuable information that will propel your business profitability to new heights!

Thank you Gustavo!"

Paul Roberts

Director, Field Marketing at Apprenda Inc.

I have worked with Gustavo on a number of programs - from seminars designed to promote specific solutions through to executive summits that position the organizations thought leadership. Gustavo contributed to the success of these programs on so many levels, most noticeably his ability to deliver captivating presentations on a varied range of subject material - straddling business and technical themes - while ensuring complete audience understanding. A rare quality in my experience! Gustavo's personality and professionalism also shine through in all he does. While his presentations have been a big hit with our customers and prospects alike, he has also helped to foster ongoing relationships with these organizations by becoming a trusted adviser to them.

Seb Reeve

Director Product Management & Marketing EMEA at Nuance Communications

Gustavo's professionalism, determination and loyalty allowed our organisations to create a valued partner relationship that still continues to strengthen today. Despite him since having moved more than two thousand miles away and promoted into a different role he still makes himself available as a valued advisor with access to the answers I need. I would recommend Gustavo to anyone without hesitation.

John Boyle

Account Manager at Amazon Web Services

I have worked closely with Gustavo over the past 10 years. Gustavo is a thinker and a doer with a solid command of both technology and business. He has a strong entrepreneurial edge while being well grounded in reality. Whether managing a cross functional team or presenting a vision on the latest technology trends, Gustavo's enthusiasm and energy are contagious. I would highly recommend Gustavo for any leadership and visionary role within an organization.

Ruth Reynolds

Business Development Manager at BC Sports Hall of Fame

I hired Gustavo to present a workshop to business people. His depth of knowledge in technology is only surpassed by his ability to de-mystify it so that we as business people can act on it. Hire him!

Des Chew, CPA, CMA

Managing Director at DNL Holdings

As a professional speaker, Gustavo is an excellent speaker on technology both from as a developer and user viewpoint. I would recommend him for any speaking engagements where audiences are keen on learning more about technology and how to get the most out of it.

Robert Winder

CEO at VuMedi, Inc

I've worked with Gustavo for almost 10 years, during that time he has held a number of positions gaining valuable business and technical expertise. I jumped at the chance when an opportunity came to bring him into my team. I've not regretted it.

He brings drive, consideration for details and focus on the importance of completing what he starts. He has been successful in every aspect of his work.

Howard Olsen

Canada's Leading Sales Training Expert | Keynote Speaker | Sales Coach and Mentor | Offices Toronto Vancouver

Gustavo is not your average technology strategist. He not only understands technology, he understands how to simplify it and articulate so it can be harnessed by the masses. He's a brilliant communicator who engages his audiences with humility, power and humour!

Dragana Djurasic

Owner and Facilitator, Radiant Minds

"Expert, humourous, humble, quick, sharp minded, connected with the audience, and opened my eyes. Thank you for a great presentation!"

Robert Manolson

Creator & Facilitator, Powerful Play Experiences

Hire Gustavo as your next Professional Speaker!!
Gustavo Garcia, engaging tech. guy actually held my full attention for well over 1.5 hours. As Professional Speakers, Presenters or Facilitator we're all paid to deliver a message and Gustavo does it with such ease, amazing up-to-speed knowledge on his area of expertise, and with a friendliness that will have you saying..."Hey, is he friend's with everyone in the room?" Are your ready to grow your business? Think Twentyseven.

Michael D. Morin

Senior Business Professional, Executive, Trader and Educator ⌖ Business Development Power™ for hire ⌖

Gustavo gives it all to his audience with confidence, enthusiasm, and perfect delivery: education, entertainment, and involvement. Where most speakers impart content relevancy, Gustavo makes it essential. He has inspired me, and other seasoned business leaders, to participate in, and use, advanced technology for professional and individual purposes. If reprising his presentation, past attendees comments are: Highly Recommended, Not To Be Missed. Excellent work Gustavo! Very much appreciated.


Since 1994, I have been involved in every type of technology challenge and solution there is, whether it was in my role as a software developer, product manager, business development manager, or technology strategist. This means that you will benefit from my experience.

2015 - Current

Patent Agent - Turning your Ideas into Assets

Gustavo Marin - Patent Agent

2009 - 2015

Strategic Consultant

Aria Solutions - Certified Genesys Gold Partner

2008 - 2014

Principal & Technology Strategist

Twentyseven Communications

2009 - 2009


Discreet Math Group LLC

2007 - 2008

Senior Technology Strategist


2005 - 2007

Senior Business Development Manager - IP Contact Centers & Emerging Technology


2003 - 2005

Channel Development Manager - Europe, Middle East & Africa


1998 - 2003

Product Line Manager - SaaS Voice Portal & Mid-market


2001 - 2001

Business Development - Mergers and Acquisitions

Alcatel Lucent

1998 - 1999

Educational partnership director, curriculum developer and course instructor

University of New Brunswick

1996 - 1998

Software Engineer - Interactive Voice Response and Faxback Systems


1993 - 1996

Software Engineer - Voice and video systems

NCA Microelectronics

Patent Agent - Turning your Ideas into Assets

Gustavo Marin - Patent Agent

A broad spectrum of IP assistance with patents and patentable properties. Patent Workshops, US Patent Filing & Prosecution, Patent Search, and more.

Strategic Consultant

Aria Solutions - Certified Genesys Gold Partner

Responsible for evaluating, recommending, and creating innovative growth strategies for large complex clients to transform the way they do business. Coupled strong technological awareness with deep business understanding and clear thinking to understand client challenges, articulate potential solutions and influence strategic direction.

Helped clients achieve competitive advantage by linking business requirements to customer and technology strategies both in the contact center and in the back office. Re-strategized their entire business with the customer at the center by converting customer care from a "factory process" to a focus on the optimization of complex business processes, including those that extend outside the traditional contact center, in a customer-centric business.

Used technology developed both in-house and from Genesys Telecommunications. Aria Solutions is a Genesys Certified Gold Partner.

Principal & Technology Strategist

Twentyseven Communications

Delivered keynotes and technology workshops to entrepreneurs and businesses on social media strategy and multi-channel customer experience.


Discreet Math Group LLC

Partner of firm focused on bringing years of experience in advanced analysis and strategic thinking to bear on real-world client problems with a focus on complex system dynamics, such as large contact centers, social networks within enterprises or including enterprise participants, and complex business processes involving active participation by people.

Discreet Math Group was acquired by Aria Solutions, Inc. - October 2009

Senior Technology Strategist


Worked with the organization to determine long-term corporate product direction to identify and act on growth opportunities and game-changing strategies. Demonstrated unique leadership skills different from sales or PR to clearly promote the organization and preach its products in a similar fashion as the company president, CIO or CTO.
• Provided communication technology strategy to Salveo, an Alcatel-Lucent/SaskTel venture for the design of a global SaaS healthcare software suite and business offering.
• Functioned as an evangelist and ambassador of customer service technologies, interacting with prospects, partners, users, producers and key members of the organization.
• Invited to speak on customer service technology at over 30 corporate events, trade-shows and associations in over 15 countries.

Senior Business Development Manager - IP Contact Centers & Emerging Technology


Developed and consolidated corporate strategy emerging technologies by working closely with key Genesys executives, Alcatel-Lucent executives, partners and customers, globally, to increase market share and profitability with the IP Contact Center line of products with a focus on SIP for premise-based, self-hosted and SaaS contact center software systems.
• Increased sales of Genesys SIP solution by over 200% by motivating & educating the international sales force on the product as well as competing products.
• Ensured key initiatives to drive mid-term revenue generation through the development of effective go-to-market strategies with large channel partners.
• Educated and enabled internal sales efforts to gain market acceptance with corporate IP strategic initiatives.

Channel Development Manager - Europe, Middle East & Africa


Developed new and existing channel partners to increase sales of the Genesys mid-market software product suite for contact centre market initiative within Europe, Middle East and Africa.
• Increased sales by 30% in 2 years through channel activation efforts and partner education.
• My region represented 70% of global mid-market revenue
• Product positioning and shaping opportunities at industry trade shows and events
• Closed new business through partner sales opportunities.

Product Line Manager - SaaS Voice Portal & Mid-market


Managed and developed multiple emerging product lines for interactive voice response (IVR) and mid-market contact center technologies including market planning, product proposals, requirements analysis, definitional and beta customer programs, world-wide readiness, sales support, business development, and market launch.
• Identified a $50M market opportunity by pioneering a new IVR product line from initial conception through production product launch.
• Solution voted product of the year for multiple years by industry periodicals.

Business Development - Mergers and Acquisitions

Alcatel Lucent

Technical lead on an initiative to acquire a voice portal company to expand into the interactive voice response IVR/VoiceXML portal software market. This effort led to the acquisition of Telera Systems, a SaaS voice portal, in April 2002 and the creation of the Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) Initiative.

GVP named leader for Magic Quadrant for IVR and Enterprise Voice Portals, 2004
GVP named Best Contact Center Functionality at Speechtek Spring Expo 2003
Customer Inter@ction Solutions® magazine named Genesys Voice Portal as a Product of the Year winner for 2002

Educational partnership director, curriculum developer and course instructor

University of New Brunswick

Partnership Director for the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) certificate offering as part of the Computer Science undergraduate degree program for the University of New Brunswick (UNB). This program was established as a cooperative effort between UNB, the New Brunswick Telephone Company (Aliant), Genesys, Sun Microsystems and Dialogic.

Designed and instructed CS4875: Introduction to Interactive Voice Response and CS4885 CTI Application Design and Development. .

Software Engineer - Interactive Voice Response and Faxback Systems


Designed and implemented the first software as a service (SaaS) cloud-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application, Genesys Voice Treatment Option (VTO), 8 years before cloud computing was coined by then Google CEO Eric Schmidt. This patented (US6442247) C++ CTI enabled software application, built to function on over 30 PBXs, was the first of its kind in its ability to handle multiple tenant contact centers in a central office cloud environment on the same traffic-engineered hardware. During its time, VTO had the largest profit margin of all Genesys products, generating an average of $4M per year.

Software Engineer - Voice and video systems

NCA Microelectronics

Designed and implemented the NCA Microelectronics Suite Cinema. The Suite Cinema is a multimedia software package that handles pay-per-view orders and billing for hotels and multi-unit housing. This system provided a full-color NTSC/PAL movie-listing channel for the display of available movies, an interactive voice response (IVR) unit to answer and process customer orders, a billing engine to process movie purchases as well as an integration to a signal scrambling system.


I have a Bachelor of Computer Science and have taken courses in business, sales, technology, and law for a comprehensive perspective from all facets of business.

Practising Law Institute

Patent Office Registration Exam Course

2013 - 2013 The course covers patent law, patent strategy and the USPTO Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP). The MPEP covers all of the laws and regulations that must be followed in the examination of U.S. patent applications, and articulates their application to an enormous variety of different situations.

Bay Group International

Situational Sales Negotiation

2004 - 2004 This course focused on selling value not price. Learned skills that ensure that key business initiatives demonstrate significant ROI; skills on successful execution of go-to-market strategies; skills for creating profitable agreements, both with customers and within the organization.

Huthwaite International

SPIN Selling Skills

2004 - 2004 Innovative ways to maximize sales performance.

AMA (American Management Association)

Planning and Developing New Products and Markets

2001 - 2001 This course covered critical keys to new product success, ensuring an ongoing flow of new product ideas, developing products in-line with corporate objectives, identifying new markets, determining the total cost of a new product launch, analyzing the profit potential of new products, getting new products through the pipeline fast, successfully market-testing new products, and positioning for competitive advantage.

University of California, Berkeley

Product management for new products

2001 - 2001 Advanced product management concepts and product strategy.

Genesys University

Certified Genesys Engineer

1997 - 1997 None

University of New Brunswick

BSc(CS) - Software Systems & Communication Technology

1989 - 1993 None


Please contact me to discuss your intellectual Property requirements and strategy.

Vancouver, BC and Blaine, WA

+1 360 207 0270

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